Saturday, October 16, 2010

Society's Child

This song was written by Dan in the Martinez County Lock up Facility at the age of about 20 years old ... Which would be about 1985 ... While only in there for a short time , he was not happy with his incarceration and from a rather rebellious heart scribbled down the lyrics of "Society's Child" which ended up on the album, onto a piece of brown paper towel to which the first verse read " Lookin out my window , Wishin that I could be , Livin the life that I once knew , Before they took it from me !!!

Life and Death

Thynn Ice

Runnin Mean !

I first heard this song on the television show KFRC Dance Party which was a local TV show that showcased local bands giving them a chance to be on the TV ... At that time Simon was playing guitar with a guy named Scot Huckabee for a band called Din Viper and that was the band on the show that played this song originally... Runnin Mean came into the band with Simon when we got him as well as our infamous covering of Armed and Ready by Mr.Michael Schenkner ... Anyway... Thynn Ice also aquired Din Vipers singer Jeff Toon for a while at first and he actually wrote and co-wrote much of the lyrics to some of our best songs ... Such as this one here and Strangler and Life and Death and many more were lyrically co-written by Jeff Toon ...

Midnight Strangler

Friday, January 29, 2010

Victim of The Fall

The Lyrics to this jamm were largely written by our first singer Jeff Toon who was our vocalist for the first year of Thynn Ice back in 1985 . The music was written by Dan in his garage years before with Siler . We used to open with this one quite a bit because of the awesome drumming at the beginning.Originally the drums were composed by Joe Pacheco who left the band in the late 8o's. The percussion on this track is done by Paul(thunderskins)Rahn.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Sound of Mind

This is a Jamm written by Dan and Paul... Dan wrote the music and Paul wrote the Lyrics. It was a very Blustery day and there was a plane that crashed into the Ford dealer by Buchanan airfield... I had given Paul a big brown paper bag full of trimmingAlign Centers and the next morning he had these Lyrics for Story... Enjoy!